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Beat the bugs and keep your workspace clean for staff and customers this winter!

We know that keeping your workspace clean and hygienic for staff and customers is a year-round priority.  During during the winter season it’s important to go that extra mile. With more dust, moisture and germs around in the winter months, getting on top of your cleaning requirements will ensure your premises are welcoming for staff and visitors. A hygienic environment will also help to reduce the spread of flu and colds that are prevalent at this time of year.

Here are our top tips for winter cleaning to boost hygiene and to keep your premises looking their best!

Beat the germs by keeping hands and surfaces clean

  • Busy areas are a breeding ground for viruses and germs – keep highly touched surfaces like desks, doorknobs, handrails and light switches clean with anti-bacterial cleaners and wipes.
  • Stock up on anti-bacterial hand soap and sanitisers to keep hands clean and healthy.

Look after your floors to avoid slips and falls – inside and out

  • In snowy, icy winter weather walkways can be hazardous – make sure you have rock salt for outside pathways and keep floors clean and dry.
  • Invest in good quality mats – they are great at absorbing the increased dirt and moisture of cold weather. Regularly rotate and change floor mats and position in areas that see heavy footfall.

Keep your windows clean and let the light in

  • Ice and snow can leave windows dirtier than usual. Left alone, the dirt can cause a build up and obstruct sunlight and vision through your windows. Let them sparkle!
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the disgusting truth about jet air dryers

Nearly 95% of adults are not washing long enough to thoroughly clean their hands. Kimberly-Clark Professional invites you to discover what it calls ‘The Disgusting Truth’ about jet air dryers. Learn more about cleaning bacteria and viruses from your hands.

According to K-C P’s research, jet air dryers have been found to increase the numbers of bacteria on hands, compared to hands dried with paper towels. Additionally, jet air dryers can blow water droplets that can contain bacteria and viruses into the surrounding environment. This increases the potential spread of pathogens. According to K-C P, independent scientific studies have found that jet air dryers can increase bacteria on fingers by up to 42%. When drying your hands with a jet air dryer, water droplets that could contain bacteria and viruses are blown into the air. These can travel as far as two metres (6.5 feet). They also linger in the air for up to 15 minutes. 70% of the viruses spread by jet air dryers land at the height of a child’s face. Using a jet air dryer disperses 300 times more viruses than drying with paper towels.

Kimberly-Clark Professional invites you to discover ‘The Disgusting Truth’ about jet air dryers at